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St Patrick's Day is around the corner

This is what is called a one sheet wonder. I bought a 6 x 6 piece of clover card stock last year and finally got around to using it. I used a template I found on Pinterest several years ago by Nicole Bellesimo at ellocindesigns and decided to give it a try (I usually do 12 x 12" One Sheet Wonders) I only have a few St Patrick's Day stamps, but I decided to use most of them. I especially like the shamrock blessing. And the decorative paper has a touch of red that adds interest to it so one of the mats is red. And I decided to try a tip for attaching vellum suggested on Pinterest. It worked (sort of, vellum is tricky, but I do love the effect). I think the paper came from my favorite stamp store in Dover, NH Stamped Designs.

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