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Change is coming

I haven't added anything in forever. So today I pulled all the out of stock items out of the way which shows me what kinds of cards have sold, and what I need to make more of. As I've said many times before (to anyone who would listen), making cards is less about a business and more about joy. I don't call myself an artist, but I spend a lot of time thinking about color and shapes like an artist does. It soothes my soul.

Inflation has hit all of us pretty hard. Postage has gone up. Paper has gone up. Glue has gone up......and the list goes on. So as of August 1, my prices will go up, but not by much. Mostly to cover my postage costs. But I still believe my cards are a bargain given that 99% of them are one of a kind. It is rare I make more than

one of anything. And I love the challenge of custom made cards. Does your husband like hunting? Is your friend into quilting? Which anniversary are your friends celebrating? Is your best friend feeling down? I can do that.

I hope to be adding some more inventory in August as well.

I've purchased Spellbinders Letterpress and I'm playing with that. Do you like gnomes? I have SOOOOO many gnome stamps covering all kinds of situations and holidays. For a brief spell, I've been a Stampinup demonstrator. It's a great way to get started on making your own cards with quality product.

I teach card making at the local adult ed. (The picture is from one of my classes; learning how to watercolor with stamps)

So let me know if there's a card or a gift card holder or a bookmark or something else paper I can help you with. It will bring me joy, and I'm sure it will bring joy to the receiver.

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