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Cards for Kindness

I didn't end up hiking my prices...nothing was selling at the time anyway. (Poor poor me...) But that hasn't stopped me from making cards. For one thing, my daughter has set up a service where I make up tailor made cards and send them stamped a week before she needs to mail them out. All she needs to do is add a personal message and put them in the mail. And it's been really fun trying to match the cards with her friends' interests.

But I've also been making cards for local charities as well as Cards for Kindness. I'm attaching the website for the latter with the submission form below. It's a wonderful organization and it is international, soliciting handmade cards from all over the world.

I'm thinking about putting together some card kits that would only require glue and coloring and putting them on the website. Haven't done it yet, but I'm thinking about it. It would be a great way to get into card making, and a great way to further Cards for Kindness' mission.

I'll announce the kits on Facebook and here at the site once I've made up some kits.

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