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All About Linden Notes

And Faith Garnett

My name is Faith Garnett, and I live in coastal Maine.  I was introduced to rubber stamping a number of years ago, but in going through old letters, I discovered I’d been making my own cards since middle school.  In college I called them Lindennotes, a nod to my Norsk maiden name, Lundblad.  So when my inventory of hand made cards exceeded my own needs, that became the name of my website.

Initially, I made cards as a way to relax and for my own use.  But my daughter encouraged me to sell them here.  She was the one who developed the website and encouraged me, noting that my cards are often the ones that get kept.  

.During the isolation of the pandemic, my cards became a real lifeline, a way of connecting with people I could not visit.  I sent close to one hundred cards during that first year, and I donated many more to various charities.  People commented on how much those cards meant to them.  

I think you will find that a handmade card will be appreciated by the receiver.  I know I love it when I get a real letter in the maill.   

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