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Wobbling mouse friend birthday card

Wobbling mouse friend birthday card

Size of card:  A2 (4.25 x 5.5)

Card stock base: Green

Stamps used: Stampendous Friend wishes and Mouse wishes and Mudpie Tells (Black Line Image Art: House Mouse Designs, copyright)

Embellishments: There are two partial balloons at the top of the card.  Each have red bows and strings.  Below are two mice.  One is a brown mouse blowing a red balloon.  He is mounted on a spring so he wobbles.  The gray mouse is wearing a birthday hat and is mounted on dimensional stickers so is slightly raised.  

Colors:  One balloon is solid red and the other is filled with multicolored stars 

Message:  In between the mice is stamped : "Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Friend".  The inside of the card is blank to allow for a personal message.

The card comes with an envelope with a gray mouse pointing to the address and is protected with a plastic sleeve.

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