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Why do I give you the name of the company that makes the stamps I use?

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

If you are a card maker, you won't be looking at this blog, because you know why. If not, let me explain.

Most stamp makers have what they call an "Angel Policy". What that means is that if you sell products featuring their stamps there are specific guidelines. You can't duplicate them digitally, for example. You can't make more than a certain number of cards from one image as another example. And almost all of them want you to give their company credit.

When I first started stamping, I didn't keep track of who made my stamps. I was just doing it for my own pleasure. My stamps were in a jumble all over the place, and I organized them by sentiment, not by company. So if you see I've listed the source of the stamp as unknown, it's because not only do I no longer have the paperwork, but I was unable to find the source of the stamp on line. If it just says Stampingup, for example, without the name of the set, it's because I know the manufacturer, but not the name of the set. Also any House Mouse design needs this statement: “Black line Image Art: Copyright House-Mouse Designs, Inc.”

That said, if you haven't started stamping, I highly recommend it. I've taught classes in card making, and I've made some real converts. Having the name of the company of a stamp you see and you particularly like can be helpful if you want to purchase it yourself. My cousin and I share stamps all the time, and if one of us wants to purchase a stamp the other has, knowing the company that produced it is essential. By the way, my cousin is the one who got me started on this. It can get expensive, but I maintain it's cheaper than therapy.

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