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Why I love my Misti

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

No - that's not the name of a beloved pet. Misti is stamping press that has a hinge design so that I can easily use it to complete a card with an even ink layer that is perfectly aligned on the card. My kids got it for me a couple Christmases ago and it's a tool that I would recommend to anyone who is just getting started with card making.

I wasn't sure that I was going to need it, but my stamper friends convinced me that it was going to change my game and it did. I wouldn't be selling cards if everything was askew or uneven - the Misti makes sure that everything stays perfectly aligned - and if I don't get the print right the first time, I'm easily able to stamp it over and over again.

It's also really important for layered stampwork or water color stamps where you can build on each other. If you're thinking of making lots and lots of cards like I do, then you should consider a Misti, too.

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